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About Us

Bringing people together through Yoga and community to find peace and balance in life’s journey


About Us

Built in the 1830’s.nestled in this quaint village on Cape Cod, is where you will find Yoga of Yarmouth Port.

The studio is beautiful, bright, and welcoming, it’s walls and floors are full of history and rich in stories not a coincidence that it sits above a unique antique store Simply Vintage.

Deb is honored to be the owner of this studio, she can’t imagine filling this space with anything but community and yoga. She sees yoga not as an exercise, but as a way of creating a more balanced life.

 sometimes it takes a village



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Deb Mareb


A yoga mat, a perfect place to find yourself your spirit, and your soul. A daily practice allows for growth, and transformation, 

Deb is the proud owner of Yoga of Yarmouth Port, this sweet, quaint, historical space nestled right in the center of Yarmouth Port on Cape Cod

The space is magical and full of love, and Deb’s mission simple…bringing people together through yoga and community to find peace and balance in life’s journey .

Deb is fun, grounded, and full of life, she can be serious and a free spirit depending on the day, or hour. 

Her professional life began as a social worker, her job focused on issues of trauma, abuse, and addictions....

She did not get a lot of sleep during those years but would not trade that work for anything. What she learned was that the resilience and 

the power of the human spirit is unmeasurable and indescribable
She was honored 6 years ago to be asked to become a Livestrong group facilitator at the YMCA, to help cancer survivors navigate. guide, and 

offer encouragement while they travel through their journey.  Deb was able to  help people find their own strength, dignity, and grace during very difficult times. 
As a result of this work, she has joined forces with Cape Wellness Collaborative , an amazing organization that services not only cancer survivors and

their families, but the medical professionals as well. Deb will continue to have YOYP collaborate with Cape Wellness to serve their community in their healing process.
Deb is a true believer that in creating space, peace, & quiet in our mind, body, and heart will allow for a more gentle life.

Deb is a 500 hour certified Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance; 200 hr from Zen Wellness Yoga/ Medical Qi Gong & 300 hr from Jacqui Bonwell Sacred Seeds Yoga School. Deb is a certified Life Coach, holds certifications in Clinically-Informed Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, Barre, Livestrong Program for Cancer Survivors, Meditation, Mindfulness, Trauma informed Yoga. 

Deb has developed a Chakra Climb Yoga Alliance approved Certification, and has created Soul Sisters Retreats with Lori Scott Yoga, this collaboration has brought together community, friendships, and much Joy & Love.
At the end of day, relationships are what she values the most, she is filled with gratitude and love for her family, her dog, and amazing friends,. Double blessed to reside in the historic village of Barnstable & be a business owner down the street in the village of Yarmouth Port

She hopes that her studio provides a beautiful, safe, nurturing place for all to come to heal, to grow, to transform, to find peace , friendship, & love 


Tiana, RYT 200, began practicing yoga in 2017 but it wasn't until the fall of 2018 that it became a full time practice for her. After struggling with depression for years and normally using the gym as an escape, she realized how beneficial yoga was to her mental health as well as the physical. Learning to connect the breath to movement has taught her how to create mental space and clarity, both on and off the mat. Finally finding what sparks the light inside her she realized she wanted to help others ignite their own. She decided to pursue her teacher training with The Heron Dance, Yoga and Meditation Studio and received her certification in the fall of 2020. Her favorite style to teach is Vinyasa with a focus on mindfulness and releasing any judgements of the self and others. Her hope is to help guide her students to build the best version of themselves and cultivate compassion through their practice.

Marty Zurn 

Marty, RYT 200, first started practicing yoga over thirty years ago while living in Minnesota. Five years later she moved with her husband and two young children back to her home town of Yarmouth.  Always involved in fitness, whether hiking, sports or the gym, Marty knew at once yoga brought a whole other dimension to wellness. Two years ago, she pursued her passion and received her 200 hour yoga teacher training from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and is currently working towards her 300 hour  certification.  Believing yoga is for everyone, not just the fit or flexible, Marty seeks to spread the benefits of yoga to all those curious and open to explore.  Her classes incorporate various styles of mediation, breath work and movement with a sense of joy, gratitude and a sprinkle of humor.
Allow yoga to help deepen self awareness of the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of your life.  Enjoy the balance and harmony that yoga can bring!

Carol Stewart

Carol began doing Yoga in 2013 to help with her scoliosis. After her first class she was hooked and totally amazed how beneficial yoga is to the body, mind, and spirit. After not only feeling so much better physically but mentally as well.
Wanting to learn more she enrolled in the 200 hour teacher training at Kind Yoga School with Diane Kovanda. Graduating in 2018, Carol provides a slow paced practice perfect for all levels, she also teaches a beautiful resorative practice to help calm both the body and mind.


Liz Holcomb


Liz Holcomb is a lifelong student of all things Yogic and Spiritual, a Yoga Teacher , Breath work Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Life Coach 

I have two amazing daughters , two elderly grand kitties, and two loving grand horses 

Residing in Yarmouth Port MA, I am thrilled to be teaching and offer private services at Yoga of Yarmouth Port as well as the North Shore and virtual long distance 

For more information check out

Margaret O'Donnell

Meet Margaret,

Margaret leads Gentle and All Levels classes.
Margaret's passion for yoga is evident in her personal practice, which she attributes to her spirituality and physical health.
Margaret brings her compassionate and caring nature to the yoga classroom. She has a clear and gentle style of teaching informed by her nurturing spirit. Her teaching style is influenced by Ashtanga and Kripalu Yoga which promote balance, awareness, mindfulness and self discovery. Kindness and simplicity
inspire her life and her yoga. Margaret is thankful to share all she loves about yoga with her students. She studies under the direction of Beryl Bender Birch of the Hard and Soft Institute and Power Yoga Cape Cod.


Julie Greenspon



Julie began her faithful yoga practice in 2015. She completed her 200hr yoga teacher training from Jacqui Bonwell’s Sacred Seeds Yoga School and is currently enrolled in The Yoga Liberation Front 500hr teacher training.
When Julie is not walking the beach with Brownie her chocolate Labrador she can be found swimming in the ocean, teaching gentle, mindful outdoor yoga in her neighborhood or working on a local oyster farm. Connecting with nature is an essential part of her daily routine.
Julie is a volunteer for NAMI Massachusetts, has completed two of of their support group teacher training courses, and is currently facilitating a women’s monthly support group through NAMI.
Julie is so grateful to be a part of the Cape Cod yoga community.

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Rebecca Standish


Rebecca joined Yoga of Yarmouth port with expertise in Yin Yoga Rebecca believes Yoga is learning to let go, be present, be who you are, and always stay grounded. As a yoga teacher, she strives to introduce Yoga to those who are intimidated by it. She believes Yoga is for everyone and every body.  

Rebecca wants to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable during their practice. She does this by making sure to offer many variations of the poses. Variations ensure that everyone gets the most benefit from each pose. She teaches Gentle, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Rebecca uses essential oils, meditation, and guidance through poses to help you melt the tension from your body and your mind, bringing you to a calming meditative state.

When she is not on her yoga mat, you can find her walking with her dogs in the woods and beach, riding the rail trail, or kayaking around marshes.

Rebecca completed her 200-hour teacher training at Just Be with Pernille Monto. She completed Restorative and Yoga Nidra training with Maureen Miller, Yin Yoga training with Alicia Barry, and she is also a Reiki practitioner.


Jacqui Bonwell


Jacqui Bonwell feels she has no business teaching Yoga. She has been teaching for 18 years, both Yoga & Meditation. She still feels she has no business teaching Yoga : ) She sees herself as just the loudest student talking.  She holds a PhD in Imposter Syndrome and a Masters in Humor.  That said,  the teachings are too important for low self esteem to get in the way.  So, she just shares and dares greatly.  Jacqui graduated from the University of Rhode Island.  She worked in Ireland, Oregon and Mass. as a Social Worker. Working for the State of MA is a bell she can't unring. A bell that motivates her to reach out to all others and help out with humanity DAILY. Since becoming an official Yoga Teacher in 2005 through Open Doors in Weymouth, MA she went on to advance her teaching by achieving the highest degree of certification offered by the Yoga Alliance (YA), at the time of this writing, her E-RYT 500  (through her teacher, Rolf Gates.)  Jacqui also went on to become a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) & continuing ed. presenter for Yoga Alliance members.  Jacqui has graduated hundreds of Yoga teachers from her YA 200 & Advanced YA 300hr Yoga Training Certification programs, her CLIR Restorative Yoga Certification program, her Yoga Life Coaching courses & her Yoga teaching Apprenticeships.  She is a Reiki Master, Yin Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Restorative Yoga Teacher, Author, Mother of two biological birds...and really, Mama bird to all.  She is the 2019 recipient of the Boston Children's Hospital "Veteran of Service Award." Jacqui has been a staple of "seva" (service) in the Yoga Community. She has fundraised for Boston Children's Hospital, the African Yoga Project, Mass General Hospital’s Homebase Program for Veterans, Home for Our Troops, the Arlington Children's Fund, SeaChange Yoga, the Fisher House, many LOCAL families in need, Dana Farber, yogaHOPE, the One Fund and, really, the list goes on and on through the years culminating into a figure of over $500,000 & counting! She has rallied the Yoga community to always remember the very reason we fine tune ourselves is to become footsouldiers in our communities, for our families and to live the rest of our precious days with as much glory, peace and freedom as possible.  All Levels and a GREAT if you hate Yoga.




Born and raised in Denmark, Pernille has taught extensively throughout many areas of the United States, including Cape Cod and La Jolla, California. Knowing from personal experience that yoga is a practice that makes

you stronger mentally and physically, Pernille aims to guide her students through the

challenges of everyday life with powerful,eclectic classes that challenge and

strengthen the mind and body. Expect every class to be a different experience, filled with laughter and great

music! Pernille is a graduate of the 200-Hour Finding Inner Peace Yoga School with Diane

Kovanda, the 300-Hour Sacred Seed Yoga School with Jacqui Bonwell, Yin Yoga Teacher

Training with Sagel Kelly Urlacher, and Balanced Athlete Training with Johnny Gillespie. Additionally, Pernille has trained

with several inspirational teachers, including Brian Kest, Sadie Nardini, Dave Vendetti, and

Ame Wren. Pernille is also a DoTerra Oil Wellness Advocate. Order any DoTerra favorites directly

from DoTerra or contact via email:


Nikki Coates


Nikki Coates 200hrYT. She started dabbling in yoga about 10 years ago but became a serious practitioner in 2019 when she got sober.

After getting sober, she wanted to help others to slow down, to get mindful, move their bodies and heal. She decided to enroll in yoga teacher training and graduated in 2022 with Sojourn Yoga. When she isn’t teaching yoga, she’s running a donut shop and always trying to further her education in all things health and wellness. She’s a cancer survivor, a nature lover and appreciator of what moving your body can do for your mental health.  Certified in chair yoga, restorative yoga and trauma informed yoga. Her classes focus on the breath, strengthening the body and the practice of self love.


Samantha Bringnall


Sam is a Cape Cod native who began her teaching journey after falling in love with the practice and the ways it transformed her life. She has had extensive training in trauma-informed yoga. Her passion for helping people cope with stress and anxiety shines through in her sessions of yoga, breathwork, and meditation. This path has led Sam to fall in love with working with moms who struggle with postpartum, those in recovery, and people with PTSD. She is currently teaching at two local non-profits who help make yoga accessible to all. She also runs her own business, Lumi Yoga & Wellness, where she offers 1:1 coaching, private yoga sessions, mindfulness, and meditation.

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